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the baby whisperer

I am a fear buster for laboring women. Once the fear is gone, what shows up is a strong, powerful woman, capable of experiencing the birth of her dreams.
She brings this confidence into her new role, as she gives birth and simultaneously becomes a mother.

My desire is to be part of your labor support team. My goal is to assist you each step of the way in achieving your personal birth plan. This is accomplished by providing a variety of physical and verbal comfort measures that will enable and empower you to trust your body and to trust yourself. I am an advocate for you in a hospital setting and will help educate you in the many choices and paths you may face along your labor and birth journey.

My passion and expertise in prenatal, birth, and postpartum support is something I enjoy sharing with others. I would love to speak with you about becoming a part of your labor support team and/or assisting you with postpartum needs.

I provide caring, supportive doula services to women and families of all ages, backgrounds and birth expectations. I want to ensure that your birth experience belongs to you! I provide education and support for your postpartum experience as you transition into motherhood.

Thanks for visiting here. Please browse around the links and learn more about my services. Call or email me if you would like more details.